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Zero carbon Ireland - Where do we want to be by 2050?

The aim of is to host debate about the issues raised, and surrounding, the Conference on Zero carbon Ireland - Where do we want to be by 2050? hosted by DIT on the 4th November 2009.

The intention is that at the end of March 2010 all articles and comments are to be collated and published, either in full or summary form.  The nature of the publication, whether digital or physical, as yet to be decided.

All contributions are welcomed.  To access comments, or to add comments, please first register a new account using the very simple registration form, ( Our system keeps no personal details other than the email address you  use to register ).

The site is being restructured into four sections:

  • Conference details - Mission, Programme, Useful Documents, Links, Site Information, Contacts, Photographs.
  • Conference content -  All content from the 11 Speakers in the form of  text, presentation slides and video recordings, as available. Facilities for posting comment are available for each.
  • Additional topics - Additional topics that require attention were raised at, and subsequent to, the conference.For example the Pyrolysis Technology, Seaweed, Algae, Desalination and ' blue'  chemicals, and futher educational requirements for training in Technology, Architecture, etc. Facilities for posting comment are available for each.
  • Chat Forum - This is intended to enable users to network in a less formal manner, introduce debate on  new renewable energy issues, make requests for further information ,etc.
The general concensus after the conference was that it is possible, it is important, and it is urgent(Why). The task now is to make it happen. You can be a part of that process by participating in this site.

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