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Biographical: Godfrey Boyle

Godfrey Boyle
G Boyle I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Design & Innovation (DIG) Group and Director of the OU Energy and Environment Research Unit, based in DDI.
Over the past 10 years I’ve chaired the OU teams that have produced various courses and study packs on renewable and sustainable energy, most recently T206 ‘Energy for a Sustainable Future’ (2003).
My main research interests are in renewable energy, particularly wind and solar power, energy systems modelling and energy policy.  
I'm also a visiting professor at The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) University in New Dehli, India. My book Renewable Electricity and the Grid (see below) has recently been published in a new, paperback edition by Earthscan (April 2009).
Contact Information
Phone: +44(0)1908 653336
Fax: +44 (0)1908 654052
Room: N2002, Venables building
Selected Publications
Boyle, G. (2009) “Cities and Climate Change:  Leading to a Low Carbon London”, Chapter 15  in Wilson, G et al  (eds.) Environment, Development and Sustainability, Oxford University Press (in press)
Boyle, G., Allen, P and Bull, J. (2008) "Supply-side options" in The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK's Energy Future, First report of the Industry Task Force on Peak Oil and Energy Security, October, pp 37-42
Boyle, G. (2008) "Positive outlook: is a 100% renewable energy future viable?", Energy Engineering, August pp 13-14
Boyle, G. (ed) (2007)  "Renewable Energy and the Grid: The Challenge of Variability" Earthscan, London, pp 240. ISBN 1844074188.
Boyle, G. (2007) "A Tale of Two Countries: Non-Nuclear Sustainable Energy Futures for the Germany and the UK", in Elliott, D. (ed) Nuclear or Not? Palgrave Macmillan, pp 183-196.
Boyle, G. (2007) "Long-term Sustainable Energy Scenarios", in Elliott, D. (ed) Sustainable Energy: Opportunities and Limitations Palgrave Macmillan
Bentley, R. and Boyle, G. (2007) “Global Oil Depletion: Forecasts and Methodologies", Environment and Planning B, Special Feature on Scenarios, Pion, London
Boyle. G. (2007) “Offshore Wind: the Potential for 25% of UK Electricity by 2024” Wind Engineering, Volume 31 No 2, pp 65-74.
Boyle, G. (2005) "Non-Nuclear Sustainable Energy Futures: What the UK can Learn from Germany", Science in Parliament, Number 62-3, Summer
Boyle, G. (ed) (2004) Renewable Energy (2nd Edition), Oxford University Press, 452 pp
Boyle, G. (2004) ‘Solar Photovoltaics’, in Boyle, G.(ed) Renewable Energy (2nd Edition), Oxford University Press, pp 66-104.
Boyle, G, Everett, R. and Ramage, J. (2003) (eds) Energy Systems and Sustainability, Oxford University Press, 620 pp.
Full list of publications
Current Projects
Energy Systems Modelling: I have developed a computer-based model DREAM (Dynamic Regional Energy and Emissions Assessment Model) for evaluating energy demand and supply, and associated carbon emissions, in cities, regions and nations. DREAM was used in EU- and EPSRC-funded energy studies of Leicester, Milton Keynes and Barcelona in the 1990s. A new project aims to extend this work, taking advantage of new software tools and approaches now available.
Solar Photovoltaics: I am currently supervising OU PhD student Steve Plater, who is studying the factors underlying the success of photovoltaics in Germany.
Conferences: I have organised, with EERU colleagues, a series of major conferences at the Open University on energy and environmental issues. These include "Nuclear or Not" (March 2005), "Locating Renewables in Community Contexts" (November 2005), and "Coping with Variability" (January 2006). The conferences are held in the OU Berrill Theatre and are web-cast world-wide (
Policy I am active in current national debates about future UK sustainable energy policy.    
Initially trained in electrical engineering (Grad IERE, Fellow, IEE), I pursued a career in scientific journalism, working for  Electronics Weekly as communications correspondent then as founding editor of the ‘alternative technology’ magazine Undercurrents, before joining the OU as a Lecturer in Design in 1976.
I am a member of the T206 ‘Energy for a Sustainable Future’ course team and exam board, and have recently produced two DVDs for the course on 'Urban Capture and Storage' and 'European Sustainable Energy Futures'. I am also writing units on Sustainable Energy in London for the course U116 Environment.
I am collaborating with TERI University in Delhi on the production of new post graduate Certificate/ Diploma courses in renewable and sustainable energy to be presented from
2009-2010. This project is part-funded by the British Council.
I’m a Trustee of the National Energy Foundation:
I am a non-executive director of Carbon Descent Ltd, a social enterprise and linked environmental charity based in London:
OU Energy & Environment Research Unit:
(A link to my ‘DREAM-World’ model is available from this site.)
OU Course T206 ‘Energy for a Sustainable Future’:
Oxford University Press, link for Energy Systems and Sustainability:
Oxford University Press, link for Renewable Energy:
Keyboardist in Wimpey Three.

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