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Ministers Should Listen:

November 9, 2009 by jerry holohan

hello,we seem to cover all the "big stuff" at the conference but gave little mention to the micro-gen market. If we could get the Minister to introduce a feed-in-tariff of 30c/ unit, like most other European Countries, Agood 11kW machine can produce up to 40k units / year and offset 17tons on carbon. Giving the Farmer 12,000 euro / year/ turbine. am I the only person that can see this, we solve the reps problem and Farmers can go back to using their land as they see fit. the culamative effect of this should be looked at as the savings are there to be had. we need to get this feed-in-tariff fixed and the Minister (Ryan) is the only person that can do it. the European Super Grid is a great idea but is vunerable to attack, we should fix our own garden first. any ideas?? 

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