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Manufacture of hydrogen fuel

January 8, 2010 by conal shovlin

I feel the hydrogen fuel cell industry should be kickstarted in Co.Donegal because of the availability of surplus electricity generated from wind from 12am to 7am as there is no demand for the electricity for that period. This is even more important as more wind turbines are erected in Co.Donegal. I understand there is a hydrogen complex of companies set up in the British midlands region at Loughborough Innovation Centre. A start needs to be made on this type of project very soon as we missed out on the manufacture of wind turbines which is now dominated by Denmark, a country similar in size to Ireland. I saw at the Hannover Energy Fair a company in Hamburg manufacturing a standby generator using hydrogen and the only pollution was water vapour. I talked to a number of people at the various hydrogen fuel cell stands in Hannover and they felt that the north west of Ireland was in a very good position to make hydrogen fuel as our wind resource is double what it is in Germany. There is currently a part hydrogen fuelled electricity generator being erected in Berlin and statoil have a pilot project on an island off Norway where the houses are powered by a wind turbine and excess power is converted to hydrogen wich supplies the island with electricity when there is no wind blowing. I am involved in the wind energy industry in Co.Donegal and would appreciate feedback or comments on the or 0879707887.

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