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Global Environmental System Structure

January 9, 2010 by paulobrien

I am frequently struck the incredible degree of complexity inherent in the quota based carbon limit treaties and counter productive mechanisms leading to the export of energy intensive industries to developing countries along with barely credible arrangements for certifying offset schemes in remote counties where suspicions of creative accounting abound.   The concerns from African countries that they were getting a raw deal at Copenhagen have to be seen as a real problem and the ability of the current overall approach to deliver a global solution is very much in question.    Difficulties and inevitable sacrifices will lead to growing skepticism.  It is unlikely to achieve the global order of magnitude reductions under discussion.  The system is prone to gaming by countries and unlikely to deliver fair outcomes.  It is largely based on altruistic actions by participating countries which is an unsustainable basis long term.  Irish efforts are largely futile in the face of a disjointed global response.   Worth looking to identify a system to

  • Achieve a globally agreed global total emission per annum
  • System of allocation to be fair both re allocation and compensation
  • Employ the market mechanisms and system rather than fight it 

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