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October 24, 2009 by admin

A selection of documents which, while applicable to the Irish situation, are broader in scope. 

ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy ( A feasibility study by Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez in collaboration with David Jacobs - Commissioned and published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation ) PDF 1.76MB

The fourth Global Environment Outlook: environment for development (GEO-4) assessment is a comprehensive and authoritative UN report on environment, development and human well-being, providing incisive analysis and information for decision making. The main energy section is in Chapter 5.

Thirty one years ago ! ...
A response by the Solar Energy Society of Ireland to the Government's Discussion Document
"Energy - Ireland". December, 1978

Recent News

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 11/05/2009
Rare Earths: High-Tech Companies Face Shortages as China Hoards Metals
Germany is pinning its economic hopes on future-oriented industries such as solar panel manufacturing. But high-tech companies are facing shortages of essential metals as China, which dominates the world market in so-called rare earths, begins stockpiling the highly sought-after resources.
By Alexander Jung and Wieland Wagner

You can download the complete article over the Internet at the following URL:,1518,658977,00.html



The way to go. An example of best practice from Denmark

Also "Portugal Rocks Renewables: 45% Renewable Electricity by Year's End"

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